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The New York Times – Louise’s Attic Exclusive Direct Link to The New York Times Global Edition........
ANTIQUE COLLECTING MAGAZINE-Antique Collecting is the quintessential British publication for enthusiasts and collectors... Recommended by David Battie, BBC Antiques Roadshow......
Stamps, Coins and Paper Money-all types and years
Movies and Play Memorabilia: costumes, autograph items, and any items related to the theater or movies - including the history of the Theaters...Posters, photos,scripts....
Clothing (-2)
New, Used and Vintage clothing, hats, shoes, scarves, belts, boots, gloves, handbags, coats, jackets, Dresses, skirts, shirts, undergarments, pants, and blouses......
List your own vintage home or a realtor can also list vintage and retro style houses under this category.
Housewares (-2)
Housewares/Small collectables: dishware, stoneware, vases, tins, linens, lamps, flatware, stemware, ashtrays, cookie jars, crystal
Vintage Musical Instruments-all types and years
Artworks (-3)
Vintage Photos, Paintings, Sculptures, Prints, Vases, and Posters.... Art Appraiser/Restoration
Antique Vehicles – cars, and parts-all years makes and models..............
Vintage magazines, books, playbills, Vintage Postcards, Letters, and Holiday cards mail
Flags, buttons, banks, pins, banners, posters, flyers, bumper stickers, cups, globes, plates,clothing, hats …..
Shop owners, list the locations of your store here. If you have a website list it here along with your stores description and items sold-great place to find larger items-furniture, rugs, trunks, lighting....
Vintage Appliances- stoves, refrigerators, and small items such as hand blenders, toasters
Earing, Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings, Hair Jewelry, Pins, Brooches and Watches
Vintage Electrics and Devices: radios, cameras,clocks,typewriters, record players, records and all other vintage devices.......
All Holiday Memorabilia - All Year Long
Vintage Boats - all years and all types of Gear-boat parts......
Antique Airplanes-All years – including Gear and airplane parts...........
Bathtubs, sinks, tiles and other bathroom fixtures for sale and repair. Replacement and Refinishers.
"Alfa sells boats - Plain and Simple" Alfa Tango is a boutique sales firm.
All types and years
Radios - All types and years
KUSTOMS AND CHOPPERS MAGAZINE is the number one magazine, for Hot Rods Choppers, Bobbers, and all things Kustom Kulture!.......
KILLER STUFF and TONS MONEY-...Seeking History and Hidden Gems in Flea-Market America....“An intoxicating read that rips away the lace curtain from the antiques biz.” PARADE.......
Flea Market Finds-Your Own private place to Buy and Sell!
LISTS OF FEES - (Main First Photo is FREE)you will be listed for 30 days unless otherwise noted. No other fees or commissions.... Click below to see complete list of fees....
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Helpful lists of professional appraisers, realtors, refinishers, attic/basement cleanout services. Antique Shop Owners/Appraisers/Dealers/Mixed Goods
Vintage Toys, Banks, Board Games – Train Models/ Train Accessories,Fashion Dolls, Antique Dolls, Doll Clothing, Stuffed Toys and video games
All years and Models/Brands
Antique Shows-Antique Cars/Vintage Shows, Events and Fairs.. Listing price $5.00 or 6 Credits,(please provide complete details such as states, dates and contact information)listing 6 months
Sports cards and all sports gear.....balls, bats, gloves......all teams and years..... ALL SPORTS
Cameras-All types and years.....Including Equipment
Sassy Silhouette-online women's custom made Sassy Swimwear, Clubware, Shoes and Apparel. We also offer Plus Sizes.(Exclusive Featured Ad Sassy Silhouett can only place and ad here.)
Online Auctions Sites/And Locations.......Contact to be listed...
WILD ABOUT CARS....No Limits Magazine,Hook up with others with similar interests,Help make expertise available,Open doorways to existing car clubs and associations, and Give vendors who are active in the hobby exposure.
Would you like to be informed on the value of your precious personal property? New England Appraisers Association can help you learn more about what is precious to you.
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Skin care, nail colors, beauty supplies, hair products, makeup, hand creams, body creams, soaps, lotions, perfumes......
Handbags (3)
Handbags New and Used…... You may also Buy and Sell under Vintage Clothing ........
★Retro★Rockabilly★Pinup★Gothic★Punk - Plus Sizes ... New! and Pre-owned...(This is an Exclusive Featured Ad and only "SINCERELY SEDUCTIVE" can place ads here)
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I like selling a variety of merchandise for various age groups. Sometimes children's clothes but mostly misses & women's plus sizes. Sizes from E-xtra small to 3X and beyond…… eBay "annmariei2006"

What is Louise’s Attic? It is the premier vintage classified ads for all things antique and collectibles! The website features the ability to sell and buy fine vintage items. is an excellent source to locate dealers, vendors, buyers and sellers. For anyone who loves antiques and memorabilia it’s a must to visit! It showcases a wide variety of items both large and small such as magazines, books, clothing, jewelry, stamps, coins, furniture, sports memorabilia as well as vintage homes and antique vehicles to name just a view. The website also is a prime source for online appraisers, furniture refinishers, antique jewelry and clock repairers, clean out services and many other vendors. Anyone may list and advertise for free for a limited time only. The site also has a listing of Antique Shows, Events and Fairs. is your one stop online antique market place.

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